Due Diligence Process

  • 1Pre-Screening

    Fusion Capital Holding will conduct the systematic and detailed due diligence before investments.
  • 2Early & Deep Due Diligence

    We have experts and advisors who will be working on fundamental check including: product, prototype, traction, social media presence and compliance.
  • 3Investigation, Legal & Financial

    Our experts further do quantitative analysis including: # of coins, trade volume, what is the price of the token at ICO, the soft/hard cap of the ICO, technical soft/hard cap of the ICO, technical analysis-Rsvcandlestick/SMA and Buy/Sell Volume on Exchanges.
  • 4Final Decision

    At its core, investors are looking for active management of their assets. Investors want to entrust their assets to someone they believe to be an expert with a differentiated process. There will never be a replacement to a good story and a firm handshake, but the due diligence process helps provide additional clarity to the investor’s investment decision.